Lease Option


Silver Level – Lease Option Program

Our Lease Option Program gives prospective homeowners the opportunity to obtain housing now while they work towards repairing credit issues and building the necessary down payments needed to qualify for a traditional bank loan. With a small down payment, you can actually move into your home now and earn a fixed monthly credit towards the ultimate purchase of your new home. Once you have improved your credit standing and down payment situation, you have two options to own the exact home you have been living in: either move into our Owner Financing Program or straight to a Traditional Sale low interest bank loan.

Try Before You Buy

The Lease Option program is perfect for people with credit issues or those have not been able to save a down payment yet, but want to start building towards home ownership now. In addition, this program is excellent for those who have just moved to a new area and simply want to test out the neighborhood before committing to a home purchase.
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