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Platinum Level – Traditional Home Sales

The Way to Home Ownership program wasn’t designed simply for renters looking to start on their Way to Home Ownership. Our program was designed to help home buyers at any level achieve quality, affordable housing for their family. We have hundreds of homes available for purchase today to qualified buyers. We can help you work with the mortgage companies to obtain the best possible mortgage program for you and move you into your new home faster.

Helping Renters Become Buyers

Whether you are a renter, first time home buyer, or have owned several homes before, the Way to Home Ownership program was designed to provide you with the best opportunity to obtain your own home. If you have credit or financial issues that need to be resolved prior to purchasing, or if you are ready to apply for a traditional bank or FHA loan now we have the right program to help get you into the home of your dreams right away. Click on the apply now button on this page to get started today!